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In September 2014, Eventual took on the challenge of taking over the Executive Office of the Latin American Association for the Study of the Liver, ALEH. Within our functions we have significantly increased the number of active members, participated in regional, European and American events, created scholarships that have allowed Latin American doctors to continue specializing in hepatology, among others. ALEH has a biannual conference that brings together the largest exponents of Latin America in 4 days of conferences and activities. The location of each congress is chosen according to the country of origin of the president in function. In 2016, the XXIV ALEH Congress was held in Santiago, Chile under the mandate of Dr. Javier Brahm. This year 2018, when ALEH celebrates its 50th anniversary and during the presidency of Dr. Fernando Contreras (Dominican Republic), the XXV Congress will take place in Punta Cana, from September 20 to 23. Eventual is in charge of the production and organization of the event that will bring together more than 800 doctors from Latin America and the greatest exponents of global hepatology.

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